Social Media

Social media: The inevitable and pertinent influence in our lives

April 13, 2018

Social networks and Internet have become fundamental tools and intensive use of our youth socialization. Therefore, training its management and responsible practice is a major key to minimize the possible consequences of using them. We enter into this digital universe because we perceive it is essential, if we do not we feel that we are at clear risk of exclusion and marginalization by others.

Despite the fantasy of those that presupposes that the new generation brings the necessary attitudes and knowledge to manage themselves without problems in digital environments, being in social networks requires the effort of continuous learning to use the new apps and websites.

We should promote a proper use

Young people surf daily in a sea of posts, selfies, memes, trending topics, fake news, retweets, hashtags and likes that change in minutes; they keep a large number of conversations and social relations simultaneously, they must be in alert to technology changes constantly, new networks and new applications. There are new initiatives that are available to families and teachers to help children and adults to manage the use of social networks and the internet in a more appropriate and safe way.

Since the creation of this social networks, many studies have been carried out in order to know how do they affect our behavior and the way we value ourselves. The results obtained have shown that an excessive use of social networks contributes, on the one hand, to the increase of stress and the feeling of loneliness and, on the other, to the diminution of the feeling of happiness.

Some people even buy instagram followers to make themselves feel popular in order to feel comfortable using these social media apps. When most teenagers immerse themselves in the game, they will discover things like: the importance of knowing how to manage privacy settings in networks; not provide personal data to strangers; not contribute to disseminate content that is humiliating; the value of intellectual property on the internet; Respect for the privacy and privacy of third parties or reflect on the accuracy of what they read digitally according to the sources.